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This Dog Wasn't Allowed Into A Party Because She's A "Bully Breed"

Ashley Yanez and her dog Blu weren't allowed into a PetSmart party because she's a bully breed.

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This is the adorable 9-week-old Pitbull Blu.

@ashleanin / Via Twitter: @ashleanin

A couple days ago, Ashley Yanez and her dog Blu went to a PetSmart in Houston, Texas, but were denied entry because Pitbulls are often seen as a vicious breed.

Blu was so ready for the party and she wasn’t allowed bc she’s a pitbull fuck petsmart

People saw this and responded to the tweet with pictures of their pits.

@bastardxboy / Via Twitter: @bastardxboy

"Every time she sees a dog she tries to play, but the other dogs either don’t feel like it or just ignore her so we were so excited to take her to the class," she told BuzzFeed.

@jocgolomb / Via Twitter: @jocgolomb

PetSmart caught wind of the exclusion so they reached out to apologize and sent a party package to make it up to them.

@ashleanin Hi Ash. All breeds, including pit bulls, are invited to our events and welcome in our stores. We’re so sorry for the confusion, and we’ll be sending you a party package to help make it up to you and Blu.

"I think this is an issue that needed to be brought up a long time ago."

@pitbullnamedblu / Via

"I’m so shocked, but so happy that Pitbull awareness is being brought to our attention. Pitbulls are dogs too and need to socialize to have a healthy lifestyle."

@pitbullnamedblu / Via

"Petco lets Pitbulls socialize with other breeds so that's where I'll be taking her now."

@pitbullnamedblu / Via

And you can see more of photos of Blu on her Instagram pitbullnamedblu.

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