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    Updated on Dec 6, 2018. Posted on Sep 7, 2018

    This Pastry Chef Creates The Most Satisfying Dessert Artwork You'll Ever See

    It ALMOST looks too good to eat.

    Matteo Stucchi is a 25-year-old pastry chef based in Monza, Italy, and he is responsible for these amazing works of art.

    In 2016 he came across a picture on the internet with a similar concept, except there were small figurines surrounding a camera, cleaning the lens.

    "I was fascinated and I thought, 'Why not do the same thing but in a sweet way?' So after doing some research I found where I could get those characters and brought my fantasies to life," he told BuzzFeed.

    Our eyes and our stomachs are very thankful for his innovative pastry art.

    Especially because of the time and effort it takes making such wonderful creations.

    Some of these scenes can take up to five hours, depending on the dessert.

    "To create each scene the first thing I do is choose the dessert I want to make. Then I draw the idea I have in mind. Once I have everything I need — I prepare the dessert and assemble the scene."

    It's obviously a labor of love because Matteo believes that smiling is the key to reading his work.

    "Both my family and my friends support me in this adventure and urge me to move forward. They are my strength."

    "I want to tell everyone to believe in their passions and to cultivate them, but above all to put your heart in everything you do, then the results will come...sooner or later."

    To see more of Matteo's work, follow him on Instagram! Every Tuesday he updates his page with a new photo.

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