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    This Artist’s Drawings Of Disney Characters Dealing With Pollution Will Make You Think

    #Inktober meets #drawforearth.

    Baptiste Drausin is a 31-year-old IT engineer and self-taught artist based in Paris, France.

    He currently has a series of #inktober inspired drawings of our favorite Disney characters enduring ecological disasters in their natural habitats.

    And the results are amazing, but sobering.

    "Most people appreciate this topic as it is a major concern for all of us," he told BuzzFeed. "And for those who were not really aware of each specific issue, the first reaction is a deep sadness of course."

    "One of my friends told me about #drawforearth, and I thought that pop culture was a good way to raise awareness on disasters that we might all face sooner or later."

    "I just want to raise awareness at my level, in order for each of us to understand each individual action."

    You can see more of Baptiste's amazing work and follow him on Instagram.