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    Updated on Aug 22, 2018. Posted on Aug 19, 2018

    18 ‘90s Toys That Probably Made Your Parents Wonder If You Thought Money Grew On Trees

    Your parents's thoughts: "Didn't I just buy you a toy or a thingamajig?"

    1. A Doodle Bear.

    2. More than one Tamagotchi.

    3. A collection of Beanie Babies.

    4. A Bop It Extreme 2 or 3.

    5. A Super Soaker.

    6. Any kind of Game Boy, but especially a Game Boy Advance.

    7. A collection of Furbys.

    8. A huge Polly Pocket case.

    9. A Pokémon binder.

    10. A Sock'em Bopper.

    11. An assortment of Koosh balls.

    12. A collection of Troll dolls.

    13. An American Girl doll.

    14. Any gaming system released in the '90s.

    15. A Malibu Barbie Beach House.

    16. An Easy Bake Oven.

    17. More than one Poo-Chi robot dog toy.

    18. And finally, a pair of Moon Shoes.

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