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    This Is What Life Was Like For A Pre-Teen In The Early ‘00s

    "Very nice!"

    You're not quite awake yet...the sun is just rising and you're in the stage of sleeping right before waking up.


    Then BAM! Your alarm clock wakes you up — with crust in your eyes and ~stank~ in your mouth.


    Damn. It's time for school.

    You hear Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America in the background as you slowly move from your room to the bathroom.

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    You're finally ~awake~ as you brush your teeth, wash your face, and take a shower — "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter is playing on the radio.

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    You wouldn't exactly win the best-dressed award or anything today, but you're finally ready for school. You grab a Pop-Tart and run for the bus!


    You find yourself behind these kids who keep saying, "This is Sparta!" back and forth to one another because pop culture y'know?

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    You didn't realize the kid you're sitting next to is blasting "Dragosea Din Tei" by O-Zone through his headphones, subtly doing the Numa Numa dance.

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    It's too early for this shit.

    You grab your iPod, scroll to St. Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley and put "Crazy" on repeat, because you're basic.


    Just sayin', "Smiley Faces" is amazing too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The bus drops your disheveled ass off and now you have to walk through the gates of hell.

    Cartoon Network

    Just kidding it's time for class.


    You zoned out pretty quickly, but the kid sitting next to you grabbed your attention because they brought their Pokémon binder instead of the one they actually needed for class.

    Then you text your friend on your Motorola phone about how Katharine McPhee should've won American Idol over Taylor Hicks no matter how catchy "Heaven Knows" is.

    Adrian Black / Via Flickr: adrianblack

    Even though Fantasia was the best thing to happen to that show IMHO.

    After eating the Red Baron pizza they served at lunch you go into the computer lab to check your Top 8 on Myspace, but try your hardest to look like you're studying.

    Myspace / Via

    But you get a notification on AIM from your friend that's literally two seats down from you.

    You spend the rest of your time playing Bejeweled until it's time for your next class.

    PopCap Games

    So sneaky...

    Things are finally turning around for you because your teacher forgot the lesson plan, and you know what that means...


    ...Bill Nye the Science Guy time! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!


    Yeah, yeah it's from the '90s, but they still played it in class for you.

    At this point all you can think about is going home to watch Total Request Live.


    As the extremely relevant Borat would say, "Very nice!"

    20th Century Fox

    You persevered today. You hop on the bus humbled, but not defeated — ready to go home.

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    You channel surf and land on BET to watch Big Tigger freestyle on Rap City better than some of the rappers on the show.

    BET / Via

    But, now that you've spent enough time procrastinating you decide to go through your mix CD to find the perfect soundtrack to do your homework to.

    @mandalee_4 / Via

    After you finish and you're completely drained of energy you get a second wind because it's dinner time and the Season Finale of Lost is on.

    ABC / Via

    You really hope Michael finds Walt on this island.

    Your eyes get heavy...

    Disney you head to your room and fall asleep to Amy Winhouse's "Back to Black" album.


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