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    23 Satisfying Images To Soothe Your Anal Retentive Soul

    Ahhhhhh, nice.

    1. This stunning time-lapse of hand-drawn typography.

    2. These matches in the form of a skull and crossbones set ablaze.

    3. This katana sword master.

    4. This perfect side mirror ice removal.

    5. This tent that was destined to frame this mountain at a campsite.

    6. This perfectly calculated corgi jump.

    7. These statues smoothly passing through each other.

    8. These crustless PB&J's cut into puzzled perfection.

    9. These clouds that lined up with the houses in a neighborhood.

    10. This well-timed box drop.

    11. This hidden access panel.

    12. This quarter that has avoided being covered by the water surrounding it.

    13. This color-coordinated plate of gummy bears and M&M'S.

    14. This gradient of crayons that's already prettier than anything you'll end up seeing in a coloring book.

    15. This unreal gas price and gallon combination.

    16. This clean yogurt top removal that probably won't happen again in this century.

    17. This stained glass design that's probably modeled after heaven.

    18. This glass of wine poured by the steadiest hands on earth.

    19. These roller bags that were meant for the trunk of this minivan.

    20. These perfectly stacked shelves at a Target.

    21. This close detail showcasing the mastery of this sculpture.

    22. This perfectly circled yolk inside an egg.

    23. Finally, this quick exhibition of calligraphy that even Sagwa couldn't master.

    H/T to r/oddlysatisfying on Reddit.