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    23 Satisfying Images To Soothe Your Anal Retentive Soul

    Ahhhhhh, nice.

    1. This stunning time-lapse of hand-drawn typography.

    RumHamBirdLaw / Via

    2. These matches in the form of a skull and crossbones set ablaze.

    Novarctic / Via

    3. This katana sword master.

    Alec935 / Via

    4. This perfect side mirror ice removal.

    yourlocalcatowo / Via

    5. This tent that was destined to frame this mountain at a campsite.

    Mcintosh199 / Via

    6. This perfectly calculated corgi jump.

    Ronzig / Via

    7. These statues smoothly passing through each other.

    KuhakuuyaL / Via

    8. These crustless PB&J's cut into puzzled perfection.

    Boojibs / Via

    9. These clouds that lined up with the houses in a neighborhood.

    Eat_Corn / Via

    10. This well-timed box drop.

    King_Kr / Via

    11. This hidden access panel.

    bonzaibeagle / Via

    12. This quarter that has avoided being covered by the water surrounding it.

    fenixjs / Via

    13. This color-coordinated plate of gummy bears and M&M'S.

    witenry / Via

    14. This gradient of crayons that's already prettier than anything you'll end up seeing in a coloring book.

    MasterMemer-- / Via

    15. This unreal gas price and gallon combination.

    brob890 / Via

    16. This clean yogurt top removal that probably won't happen again in this century.

    Achu / Via

    17. This stained glass design that's probably modeled after heaven.

    axeinator2 / Via

    18. This glass of wine poured by the steadiest hands on earth.

    redfox11 / Via

    19. These roller bags that were meant for the trunk of this minivan.

    sheesh115 / Via

    20. These perfectly stacked shelves at a Target.

    JosephinaTheBoy / Via

    21. This close detail showcasing the mastery of this sculpture.

    Moonrave / Via

    22. This perfectly circled yolk inside an egg.

    astonished_fanny / Via

    23. Finally, this quick exhibition of calligraphy that even Sagwa couldn't master.

    uglyorgan8038 / Via

    H/T to r/oddlysatisfying on Reddit.

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