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    16 Poop Struggles That Will Make You Break Out Into A Cold Sweat

    I just can't take this shit.

    1. When you thought public pooping couldn't get any worse:

    imagine shitting in a public restroom and coming out to this

    2. When you're stuck between shit and a hard place:

    3. When you have to multitask to make sure all assignments are met:

    When the assignment is due at 11:59pm and it's 11:58pm, but you gotta drop a deuce.

    4. When you're sitting on the toilet and begin experiencing an existential crisis:

    5. When you have to take a dump at the most inopportune moment:

    6. When you're trying to be stealthy:

    trying to poop when there's someone in the stall next to you

    7. When you gambled with your fart, but crapped out:

    when you put too much trust in a fart

    8. When the toilet water splashing back at you causes a near-death experience:

    9. When you have to take really light steps to not disrupt your stomach before pooping:

    When you need to take a dump but you're next in the rumble match.

    10. Or when you have to go on one of the most uncomfortable walks of your adult life after pooping:

    When you realise you're out of toilet paper after pooping and you head out to get one

    11. When you have to dig down deep and give it all you got:

    When you need to take a shit but your constipated

    12. When you didn't know there was going to be a sequel after your feature presentation:

    When you thought you were done pooping and you already zip up your pants then the second wave comes

    13. When you're SUPER manly but but still want to feel baby fresh:

    When your masculinity is fragile but you need to wipe your ass...

    *insert eye-roll*

    14. When you can't decide between pooping or potentially losing your privacy:

    15. When your worst fear of pooping at someone's place comes true:

    Flushing the toilet at somebody's house and the water starts rising😩

    16. Finally, when you relate to the phrase "There's no place like home" on a spiritual level:

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