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    18 Photos Of Pitbulls Guaranteed To Make You Love Them If You Already Don’t

    They're the cutest, doggone it.

    1. Look at this puppy that's going for a little swim.

    2. And this one all cuddled up with its parent.

    3. This well-trained pit is really excited to have a bite.

    4. And even when they don't exactly follow direction you can't even be mad at them.

    5. Have you ever seen a pup with a million dollar smile?

    6. Or a doggo that looks like a million bucks ready to get its diploma?

    7. These two adorable pits look extremely prom ready.

    8. This dog might have a future in being a yoga instructor.

    9. Even when they look like they just woke up they're adorable.

    10. So, sweet dreams to this little pup...

    11. ...and to this dog who is living the dream.

    12. This mixed pit has eyes that will melt your heart.

    13. And this dog is so cool you might need to get a coat to weather the storm.

    14. While this dog just looks happy to be here.

    15. There's a serious contender to be the next Red Sox mascot right here.

    16. You can't tell me that these puppies are capable of doing any wrong.

    17. Don't you just want to play fetch with this adorable dog?

    18. Finally, this dog is probably always down to play fetch, but still probably owns a frisbee business.