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19 Hilarious Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Having Roommates

"When your roommates don't refill the ice tray after using it."

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1. When your roommates are a little too comfortable with you:

2. When you get really defensive about your favorite snacks:

3. When you and your roommate have to split up because of irreconcilable differences:

4. When it seems like your roommates are there mainly to test your patience:

5. When one of you have a bug problem, ALL of you have a bug problem:

6. When you question everything and wonder what you did to deserve such terrible roommates:

7. When you feel like you’re being tortured in your own home:

8. When you discover you and your roommate have different taste:

9. When your landlord is a little overbearing:

10. When you're nosy AF:

11. When your roommates induce a heavy case of FOMO:

12. When your privacy gets violated:

13. When you realize your roommates are not the tidiest people around:

14. When you have to dig deep and get resourceful:

15. When you get a little bit of seperation anxiety because no one is home:

16. When you have to accept being the 3rd or 5th wheel:

17. When you get caught somewhere underdressed:

18. When your roommates bring a certain pettiness out of you that is second to none:

19. When you finally get some alone time:

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