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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About Living In Ohio


    1. When you realize the midwest should be changed to the middle of nowhere:

    2. When other people get a taste of what Ohio pride is like:

    3. Or when that OSU pride kicks in:

    4. And when that same OSU pride helps you finish a presentation:

    5. When corn is the unofficial state food for Ohio:

    6. When you realize the Ohio State Fair isn't for everybody:

    7. When every cookout involves a series of intense corn hole games:

    8. When you know you can't trust the weather reports...

    9. Because Ohio weather is unpredictable AF:

    10. When Ohioans love for corn runs so deep there's a monument dedicated to it:

    11. The highlight of being out of Ohio:

    12. When going out almost always involves hanging out at Walmart:

    13. When being stuck behind a tractor is a valid excuse for being late:

    14. When driving aimlessly is also something you do for fun:

    15. When you know there are 3 significant type of buckeyes:

    Via Twitter: @osugirl47

    The third obviously being the Ohio State Buckeyes.

    16. When you realize everybody doesn't measure distance by time:

    17. When bonfires are the staple of pretty much all parties in the summertime:

    18. When a schools respect is measured by how good their football program is:

    19. Finally, all the damn potholes:

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