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    Dec 10, 2017

    Screenshots From The Early '00s That'll Make You Say, "WTF Were The Early '00s?"

    Bring back AJ and Free.

    1. The extra-ass fictional host we all deserve an apology for:

    BET / Via

    2. The best hosts of ANY music countdown:

    BET / Via

    3. The moment you realized you're probably not meant to be a battle rapper:

    YouTube / Via

    4. The one-of-a-kind fighting game that seriously needs to make a comeback:

    EA Sports / Via

    5. The most affordable trend to ever exist:

    @original_denna_baitch / Via

    6. These colorful sneakers that we all thought were cool for some odd reason:

    @therealcheesecake / Via

    7. The show that gave us all secondhand embarrassment but also made you want to go to an HBCU:

    BET / Via

    8. The show that made you realize Diddy really likes cheesecake:

    MTV / Via

    9. The show you watched when you were too lazy to go to church:

    BET / Via

    10. The legendary A6 sneaker commercial:

    Reebok / Via

    11. The best cypher to ever take place on Rap City:

    BET / Via

    12. The moment you realized that Jin might be the greatest rapper alive:

    BET / Via

    13. The basketball league that gave you a whole new arsenal of moves you couldn't do:

    AND1 / Via

    14. The game you played vicariously once your street ball dreams died IRL:

    EA Sports BIG / Via

    15. The baby hairs that had to be greased and laidt properly every day:

    @missangieebabyyy / Via

    16. The waves that you'd see everyone brushing their hair religiously for:

    @champagnepapijr_02 / Via

    17. The snacks you could only pick up at select stores:

    @djswade50 / Via

    18. The most important shoe of the early '00s:

    Universal Motown Records / Via

    19. The flyest couple at your school, who had fits like this:

    @imso510 / Via

    20. The screen that basically meant change the channel...

    BET / Via

    Because you weren't grown nor sexy.

    21. ...and the screen that meant change the channel back:

    BET / Via

    Because you nasty.

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