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19 Intimate Confessions From Couples Who Feel Pressure To Get Married

All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. Getting married is as beautiful as it is confusing.

2. The idea of it can be terrifying to some.

3. Sometimes the fear is self-inflicted.

4. And sometimes it comes from your partner.

5. Because you're in different stages of life.

6. There are outside influences that can be, well, frustrating.

7. And sometimes those influences aren't the most genuine.

8. The pressure of "expectations" alone can be crippling.

9. But furthermore crippling if the pressure is coming from the person you might spend forever with.

10. And maybe YOU'RE the one doing the pressuring.

11. But making that decision is like a snowflake...

12. No two processes are alike.

13. You never know if or when you'll have a change of heart.

14. And if that change of heart will lead you to do something drastic.

15. That you'll in turn regret.

16. You could give into the outside pressures that are constantly telling you to get tie the knot.

17. Or you could live in the moment and simply enjoy the company of the one you love.

18. But maybe you and your significant other just aren't meant for marriage.

19. After all, love is the most important thing to consider here.

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