These Censored Disney Movie Scenes Will Destroy Your Inner Child

    You'll never look at Buzz and Woody the same way again.

    1. When Tarzan was way too comfortable meeting Jane the first time.

    2. When Genie had an emotional exhibition of his magic stick.

    3. That time Maurice found Cogsworth's special spot.

    4. When Woody couldn't handle Buzz's woody.

    5. When Esmeralda curved Quasimodo for whipping it out.

    6. The time Ursula had a pretty reasonable wardrobe malfunction.

    7. The moment Hercules probably regretted going commando.

    8. When Stitch really showed his crazy side.

    9. When Ariel saw what some sailors do to entertain themselves with their crewmates.

    Check those dudes out.

    10. That time Tinkerbell thought twerking was what opened locks.

    11. When Rapunzel and Pascal found the one fuck they gave.

    12. The time when Pongo licked the waaaay wrong bone.