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Posted on Apr 7, 2017

Can You Guess The Movie Based On The Screenshot Of Samuel L. Jackson

"HAVEN'T YOU SEEN MY MOVIES?!" - Dave Chappelle as Samuel L. Jackson

  1. Which movie is this screenshot from?

    Comedy Central

    Haha, this is definitely Dave Chappelle imitating Samuel L. Jackson in a Chappelle Show skit.

  2. Which movie is this?

  3. How about THIS?

    20th Century Fox
  4. Do you know this one?

  5. OK, before we get too confident here...what movie is THIS screenshot from?

    Columbia Pictures
  6. How about THIS movie?

    Paramount Pictures
  7. Can you tell which movie this screenshot is from?

    20th Century Fox
  8. How about THIS movie?

    Paramount Pictures
  9. And this?...

    Miramax Films
  10. Where's this from?

    Warner Bros.
  11. You know this one?

    Paramount Pictures
  12. How about this?

    Universal Pictures
  13. What movie is this screenshot from?

    Universal Pictures

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