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Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About Getting Roasted

"BOIII I know u not laughin!"

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1. When you've had enough and you lose your cool.

2. When social media won't let you live.

ESPN / Via Twitter: @Hitan

3. When you realize that nobody is safe.

4. When you have to act like you're not getting flamed.

5. When you haven't quite mastered the art of the dozens.

6. When you see your friends unite for the greater good.

ABC Family / Via Twitter: @antofromdablock

7. When a joanin session turns you into a recluse.

8. When you learn that all is fair in roast and war.

9. When it's damn near impossible to play it off like you're not bothered.

Food Network / Via Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

10. When you realize the power that you hold in the midst of getting clowned.

11. When you're spectating and you revel in the fact that these jokes will be recycled.

12. When boundaries get crossed and you're just left salty.

13. When you're running on empty.

14. When you try to see if time really heals all wounds.

15. When you're faced with a roast you'll never have a comeback for.

16. When you have to be stopped before you do permanent damage.

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