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    Updated on Aug 8, 2018. Posted on Jul 27, 2018

    18 Stoner Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud If You’ve Smoked Loud

    "Who is the idiot that called it 'possession of marijuana' and not 'joint custody'?"



    Am I really high, or does this lamp also look really high?


    Who is the idiot that called it "possession of marijuana" and not "joint custody"?


    Me lighting a blunt after a minor inconvenience


    *police dog smells weed* whoever smelt it dealt it damn ur right *dog goes to prison*


    this edible aint shit 30 mins later:


    Am I high af or does this lady’s hair look like a dog wearing sunglasses


    They got new animals?? When these joints come out?


    edibles low key scary bruh .. one time i sneezed bout high as fuck n i hear my dog say “bless u” from the other room n i ain’t even question it .. i was like “thank u bud” n a few hours later i’m thinkin bout it n straight up i don’t even own a dog so hol up ..


    “you ever smoked a backwood and it smoked you back?”


    i only go on ebay after i smoke pot that way i'm always the highest bidder thank you check please


    Am I high or does this say retweet with comment


    I want there to be a TV show called Stoned and Hungry: similar to Naked and Afraid, only it’s a bunch of people stupid faded in a kitchen with a bunch of weird/random items and then the show documents what kind of munchies they come up with


    Me: this edible ain't shit *one hour later*


    "One time I got so high I had to turn down my TV because I couldn't taste my Grilled Cheese" - University of Missouri Kansas City


    when you let your homeboy smoke for the first time and he think he a magician 😂💀


    this whole time I thought owls didn’t have legs..


    He definitely had a bong in his locker


    When u hit the blunt too hard & u choke for two straight minutes but now it's your turn again & you have to act like you're not dying

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