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    17 Hilarious Tweets Anyone Who Is Never On Time Will Understand

    "When you had set 20 alarms, but didn't hear any of them."

    1. When you're already late but can't leave 'cause you lost something you need:

    When you're running late and you can't find your earphones

    2. When waking up early still doesn't prevent you from being late:

    Woke up early but I'm still running late.

    3. When you thought you had more time to get ready:

    friends: I'm on my way Me: okay, let me know when you're here ... Friend: here Me:

    4. When you're the reason everyone is late:

    5. When the universe does everything in its power to work against you...

    I hate when ur running late & a dark army surrounds your car & you're like oh great now I have to defeat the skeleton king thanks universe

    6. ...and the moments few and far between when it works in your favor:

    When you're running late to class and forgot your jacket but the homies got your back

    7. When you're hungry and running behind:

    When your running late for work but still gotta eat breakfast…

    8. When the world slows down, but time still doesn't:

    does everything take 10 times longer when you're running late or is that just me?

    9. When you actually have a valid excuse for your tardiness:

    "Why're you always late?" "Something crazy always happens omw to school" "Why are you lying to me Kevin.?" ..

    10. When you have some inconsistencies in your alibi:

    everyone: why were you late me: wow traffic was insane I am literally so sorry also me:

    11. When your alarm betrays you:

    When you had set 20 alarms but didn't hear any of them. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    12. When your snooze button betrays you:

    When you thought you hit snooze but you turned the alarm off and you wake up 3 hours later

    13. And when you betray yourself:

    When you hit snooze 32 times, and now you're 4hrs late for work...

    14. When you've learned that rushing isn't going to make things any better:

    friends: we're here where are you me: I'm on my way me:

    15. Or when your friends show up and you don't really have a choice but to hurry:

    When you said you'd be ready at 6 and it's 7:30 and they're here

    16. When you have to play catch-up because everyone's already drunk:

    When you get to the party late and all your friends are already turnt & you’re tryin to catch up

    17. And when you're obviously not ready:

    friend: ill be there in 5 mins! U ready? Me: