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    17 Images That Prove Mother Nature Is The Baddest Bish Of All Time

    Nature is beautiful.

    1. Look at this goose who is NOT taking any bullshit.

    AlexDawesome / Via Imgur

    2. This lilac-breasted roller looks like it could be found casually perched on a rainbow.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    3. These cute monkeys hanging out near the Rio Negro river in Amazonia, Brazil.

    Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images

    4. This view of the Giant's Causeway in Bushmills, Northern Ireland.

    Peter Muhly / AFP / Getty Images

    5. This glasswing butterfly you can see right through.

    Andreas Kay / CC / Via

    6. This amazing view of the Wurrmbu Creek in Mossman Gorge, Australia.

    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

    7. These lions that look equally majestic as they do stoic.

    tbmartinpictures / CC / Via

    8. This adorable infant gorilla just relaxing by some leaves in Bwindi, a National Park in Uganda.

    Stuart Price / AFP / Getty Images

    9. This Kingfisher whose beak looks like it could do some serious damage to fish.

    Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images

    10. This adorable mangut, more commonly referred to as the raccoon dog for obvious reasons.

    zoofanatic / CC / Via

    11. This horned viper that blends in seamlessly with the sand.

    A. Ruppert / CC / Via

    12. And this chameleon that's not doing the best job of camouflage.

    Thomas Helbig / CC / Via

    13. This photo at the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador that makes FernGully: The Last Rainforest feel like a documentary.

    Rodrigo Buendia / AFP / Getty Images

    14. This amazing view of a sail boat in the Jaraua river in Amazonas, Brazil.

    Mauro Pimentel / AFP / Getty Images

    15. This stealthy bobcat pounce.

    bocriss / Via

    16. These two colorful lorikeets perched on a branch.

    Tim Pham / CC / Via

    17. Finally this Sri Lanka frogmouth whose name is pretty self-explanatory.

    budgora / CC / Via

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