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15 Hilarious Tweets That Are Too Real For Anyone With Student Loans

"Would you hit your best friend with a car for $5M?"

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1. When you finally see how deep in debt you are:

Me looking at this student loan debt I have to start paying off

2. When you have to find a couple side hustles just to make ends meet:

3. When you start to second-guess everything:

Student loans are going to kill me. God knows why I decided I wanted to learn things πŸ˜€

4. When you see the hypocrisy between you and the world:

The whole world in 217 trillion dollars in debt but y'all want me to pay back my student loans. How that work?

5. When you start to get really desperate:

Someone throw me off a cliff for science. My hypothesis is that if i die i won't have to pay these fucking student loans

6. When you have to deal with how petty FAFSA is:

FAFSA be like "i see your parents usually get two toppings on their pizza... you must not need any aid"

7. And when your new repayment makes you petty AF:

Paying the minimum balance on my student loans

8. When financial aid surprises you by picking up the phone:

When you on the phone with financial aid and they actually answer

9. When you actually miss college for the wrong reasons:

I miss college. Life was so much more fun when I was accumulating debt, versus paying it off.

10. When you have to jump through hoops before you actually pay the loan:

I mean, having student loans is stressful enough, but trying to sign in to that damn portal takes a few years off my life EVERY TIME.

11. When you develop airtight logic to postpone making payments:

You can't owe money to student loans if they never show you how to pay them

12. When your debt is in the way of your future:

me looking at another year of student loan debt and thinking about how screwed my future is

13. When you're willing to turn on your closest friends:

When Sallie Mae keeps calling ...

14. When you're ready to blackmail whoever it takes:

Pay for my tuition and I'll delete @McDonalds .

15. Finally, when you've hit rock bottom and you're willing to put yourself in harm's way:

When you hear GVSU will pay your tuition if you are harmed by a university owned vehicle

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