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    15 Reasons Why "Do The Right Thing" Is The Only Summer Movie That Matters

    Barack and Michelle.

    1. OK, so first things first. Barack and Michelle Obama saw Do The Right Thing on their first date.

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    There really isn't a reason to continue past here, because THIS takes the cake.

    2. But, since we have to continue...Rosie Perez' dance sequence at the beginning of the movie is second to NONE.

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    Fun fact: That dance sequence was inspired by the beginning of Bye Bye Birdie. Spike Lee's mother dragged him to watch it when he was younger.

    3. It perfectly captures what a New York summer is like with no air conditioning.

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    4. And, it accurately depicts how heartbreaking it is to get a fresh pair of kicks scuffed. Not to mention makes a brief statement about gentrification.

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    Also seeing a young Giancarlo Esposito is exciting for any Breaking Bad fan.

    5. Seeing Martin Lawrence's short appearance in the movie, before he rose to fame is really dope when you go back and watch it.

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    6. You get to hear "Fight the Power" throughout the movie which is Public Enemy's best known song and arguably the greatest hip-hop song of all time.

    Motown Records

    Fun fact: "Fight the Power" was specifically made for Do The Right Thing after Spike Lee told Chuck D he needed an anthem. It was heavily inspired by The Isley Brothers "Fight the Power (Part 1 & 2)."

    7. You get to see Ruby and Ossie Davis' on-screen chemistry, and it is heart-warming. You could just feel the love.

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    8. Samuel L. Jackson role as the radio disc jockey, Mister Señor Love Daddy, really helps to be the voice of reason in the midst of all the neighborhood happenings. He does an amazing job of cleansing our palate between scenes.

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    Also that name is unforgettable.

    9. And, speaking of palettes the color palettes throughout the film are fucking beautiful.

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    Not to mention Robin Harris' appearance in the film is hilarious.

    10. It's one of the few movies where a character says EXACTLY what you're thinking. Even though you might not be as outspoken as Buggin' Out.

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    All he wanted to see was diversity on the wall. Representation is important.

    11. Radio Raheem showing his iconic love/hate four finger ring will improve your fashion sense instantly.

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    "There it is love and hate."

    12. It takes an unflinching look at racism and calls every group out on their prejudices.

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    13. It's depiction of police brutality still resonates so much today. No other movie has made as impactful of a statement than when Radio Raheem was killed.

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    14. And, it perfectly illustrates that everyone has a breaking point. Mookie (who has been pretty levelheaded throughout the film) breaks the glass to Sal's Pizzeria, which starts the riot.

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    15. Finally, you see a movie that explicitly makes a statement of how important representation is. The unsettling ending when Smiley puts up the photo of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X reminds you why this mess started in the first place.

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    It also doesn't help that it was the hottest day of the summer.

    28 years later Do The Right Thing still stands the test of time. The themes of the film still resonate today, so if you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and watch it!

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    Then watch it every summer. FOREVER.

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