25 Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions: #26-50

Many of these are more advanced than those described in 1 through 25. Use your best judgement and do not attempt without a sleeping partner.

Animals • 6 years ago

Gorgeous Olde Timey Portraits Of Dogs

These glorious canine portraits by Winnie Au are part of her Canine Chronicles Book. Check them out and tell me which one you identify with the most.

Animals • 6 years ago

25 Vintage Cats And Dogs Dressed As People

Apparently there was a guy named Harry Whittier Frees that would take horrifyingly cute picture of animals dressed up as people for children's books. These were the original cat memes before the internet even existed.

ringdingdong • 6 years ago

Praying Otter

What is this awesome evangelical Praying Otter praying about? Use the image uploader below to add yours in the comments. Let's get a big ol' otter prayer circle going here.

Animals • 6 years ago