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A Tour Through The 404 Pages Of Canada's Political Parties

What can we learn about politicians from how they handle their dead links?

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Earlier today an NDP media staffer tweeted a link to what seemed to be an embarrassing error page from the Conservative Party's webpage.

The actual 404 page ignores the NDP altogether. Instead it features the government's favourite target, Justin Trudeau. Say what you will about the Conservatives, but they never miss a chance to get in a shot at a rival.


But far and away the best 404 page of Canadian politics goes to the Liberals depicting a red moose being flown into the distance by a flock of powerful Canada geese.

It's their Canadian twist on Twitter's fail whale, an image initially meant to inspire hope that instead became an emblem of failure and disappointment.

Paul McLeod is a politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, DC.

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