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  • Pickle Flavored Toothpaste

    I’m a freak for Pickle! And what better way to end the day by brushing your teeth with Pickle Toothpaste?! Available at a gift gallery that has a slight pickle fetish.

  • The Nightmare Before Easter Basket

    Definitely not your typical Easter basket but I’ll get into that in a little bit. Remember when we were kids and still believed that a magical little bunny came around to all the little children and pooped out little colorful eggs? Well I do, fondly. I would leave carrots under my bed before we left to my grandmothers house for Easter dinner and the Easter egg hunt but I made the mistake of mentioning my rabbit buffet to my dad who for many years would replace the carrots with a handful of jelly beans. The first time I found those jelly beans I was so in shock I couldn’t even talk for like 5 minutes. Mind you I was 14 years old. Well I’m 37 now and have since found out to my dismay that there is no Easter Bunny but I still love the hippity hoppity whimsicalness off the whole thing. I’m also in a position to leave my little mark on Easter. I am none other than Sir Paul (remember my name you’ll be screaming it later, saw it on a funny shot glass which we sell by the way along with a cool selection of other funny shot glasses) on I know it doesn’t really mean too much to you but I always wanted to say that. Well here at we pride ourselves in being the webs wackiest gift gallery. We do things a little different here in NJ, we think waaaay outside the box. This thinking is what inspired the Nightmare Before Easter Basket. Seen from across the room the basket resembles any other cheesey super market bought run of the mill Easter basket. Upon closer examination your eyes are drawn to the word BACON, why would there be bacon in an Easter basket? You read the colorful red tin and it says ‘Bacon Gumballs’. Little bit of a shock so you scan the other contents, Giant Gummy Bear. Okay looking good. Cupcake Frosting Flavored Dental Floss, that’s pretty cool right? Wait, crickets? Really? Not just any crickets, Bacon & Cheese Crickets. Spotted, is another cool looking round tin but your experience with the other cool tin was weird to say the least. This one is no different but very intriguing, you gotta admit. Onion Ring Flavored Mints! You notice the Giant Gummy Snake intertwined with the handle. That thing alone can keep a kid quiet and still for about 3 hours but bouncing off the walls afterwards, the double edged sword. So plan accordingly. Give this to your kid 3 hours before dropping them off at your ex-spouses house. Back to the basket. Okay at this point the clear plastic and pretty bow are on the ground and you’re really getting into this basket. You see a box with the familiar Jelly Belly logo on it and those things are amazing. Across the box in big bold letters the name of the jelly beans, BeanBoozled. What a really cool idea. Listen to this. 20 flavors. 10 really good flavors and 10 really gross, disgusting flavors. You won’t know if your popping yummy Berry Blue or Toothpaste. Black Licorice or Skunk Spray. Make a game of it! There’s a pretty cool little fire extinguisher that sprays some Super Sour Spray which could help with the taste of that Skunk Spray Jelly Bean. You notice there’s a diaper in the basket. They couldn’t have, could they? Na, but oh yeah they did! You open the diaper to find a cute little chocolate turd in a bag. The trick is to pop the little chocolate poo in the microwave for a few seconds right before you give it to someone. I have a kid and I remember those diapers being pretty warm after a good poop. What kind of candy could possibly come in a toilet? The good sour kind, what else? Comes with a lollipop to dip in the toilet like you’ve always wanted to. Where there’s super sour Toilet Candy there’s gotta be weird critters like a Giant Gummy Rat, also in the basket. The center piece of this insain creation of off beat treats is the traditional hollow chocolate Easter Bunny. This one is for all my traditional old schoolers. Wouldn’t be an Easter Basket with out one. You know, this would make a really funny gift. Imagine walking into your in-laws Easter dinner with The Nightmare Before Easter Basket in hand? A gag gift to your 8 year old who eats way too much candy as it is? Or your 11 year old nephew who eats the Dog Food Jelly Bean first and starts an autopsy on the Salt ‘n Vinegar Cricket. Bring one to the office party and tell everyone to help themselves. They will be talking about the really cool things in this basket for years to come. Don’t keep the Bacon Gumballs or the Onion Ring Mints to yourself, hand them out. Just don’t tell anyone the flavor until you get to see the reaction on their face. Get that on video and if you do send it to me, Check it out for yourself. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, The Dick Towel.

    The 2011 summer must have accessory, The Dick Towel! From the hit show “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Fold it one way you have that fresh outta the cold pool look. Fold it the other way and you got a giant kickstand. Couldn’t do anything about the back, that just comes in one size. FLAT View Image ›

  • BaronBob.coms’ Annual Top 10 April Fools Day Gifts & Gags has compiled their annual, Top 10 April Fools Gifts. You couldn’t even imagine what goes into something as simple as putting a list together of 10 different April Fools Day gifts. There’s testing to be done. Take Liquid Ass for example. It’s a spin off of the stink bomb glass vials of yester-year except there’s been years of trials and tests to come out with an odor so horrid it can clear a wedding reception of over 200 people(in the middle of a blazing hot summer day, everyones reaction was priceless). Remember I said we tested these things thoroughly. Just remember that April Fools Day is jokes, fun times, pranks and lots of laughter; no one needs to get hurt. The list is full of items that will make this years April 1st festivities one for the record books. People will write stories and sing songs about you.

  • Perfect for That Techy Yet Old School Music Lover.

    The mixtape is an integral part of musical history. It has been used to start relationships, mend them after fights, and just to show someone how good your musical taste! While many people miss the style of a good old cassette tape, there’s not much they can do. The cassette, as we knew it, is dead. Long live the Retro USB Mix Tape Stick!! The USB stick holds 128 MB of memory.

  • Obama-haters Now Have a “Count Down Timer”

    It’s only a matter of time? Know exactly to the second with the Obama’s Last Day Countdown Clock. Will you shed a tear or jump for joy or do both?! Either way the Obama’s Last Day Countdown Clock proudly displays the hours, minutes and seconds until the BIG day! In addition this conversational desk clock can show the current time and date. Now that’s a stimulus bonus right there. Furthermore after reaching the targeted date this clock can be reset to start counting down some other worthy event. Setup is much less complicated than green technology and health care reform just a few buttons pressed on the back of the unit and it’s good to go.

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