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Picking the Perfect Funny Gifts.

Go deep inside the mind of Sir Paul from the worlds wackiest online gift gallery, as he helps you in your quest to find funny gifts. There's some big holidays coming up soon so pay attention and stop giving lame gifts!

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  • 1. Chuckle Buddies

    These little guys are super cute and make a really funny gift for that youngster in your life. Available are the Monkey, Dog, Cat, Pig, Moose, Alligator and Lion. Place the Chuckle Buddy on the floor and he rolls around right to left laughing hysterically. They're even equipped with a motion sensor.

  • 2. Food Face Plates

    Encourage your child to play with their food! These plates make a really funny gift for the youngsters. Each one has a face that they can decorate with food and who wants to eat a boring pile of peas anyway? Now a hat made out of peas, that's a different story.

  • 3. Butt Face Towel

    Here's a really unique gift, a towel. Yay! NOT just a towel. It's conveniently labeled so you don't wipe your face with the same side you just dried your butt with. Funny gift for a college student or a little one off to camp.

  • 4. Political Toilet Paper

    These make a great gift for that special political nut in your life. Are you supporting someone by having a roll of toilet paper with their picture on it? Write your next letter to your congressman on some toilet paper with Obama's pictures on it. I'm sure he'll get the message.

  • 5. Gourmet Poop Soap

    Now there are some funny gifts that might not be so funny to everyone but mostly because they're just a little misunderstood. Take the Poop Soap for example, at first glance it looks like your normal poop with little pieces of corn. Little did you know it's hand made using an exclusive gourmet soap. p.s. not the kind of gift you send. Just put it in the bathroom & wait.

  • 6. iPlunge

    This little guy is a piece of pure genius so simple yet so effective in this hi-tech world. It's a plunger, plain and simple. Holds your $500 smart phone up like nothing else. Prove to the super techy nerds that it doesn't all have to depend on technology.

  • 7. Instant Inflatable Window

    Many times a funny gift is given just because. You're thinking of a person, maybe this person is a little down. Could be feeling a little under the weather or pulling their hair out at their cubicle. Help ease their pain and suffering with the Instant Inflatable Window. If the weathers ugly out, change it!

  • 8. Terry the Turtle

    Be very careful who you give this really funny gift to. This Turtle holds his tongue for no one and when he starts going there's no stopping him. Like a Turtle with tourettes, cursing up a storm and using some of the most foul language you have ever heard from a Turtle. It even has a motion sensor and makes a great burglar alarm. Worry not, it also has a PG switch.

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