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If You Want To Put Your Name On A Tube Sign Here's Your Chance

Why should the Queen get a line named after her when we don't?

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London's still-being-built Crossrail project just got a new name – it's going to be called the Elizabeth Line, after Her Majesty.

The Queen even colour co-ordinated with her line at the unveiling ceremony.

Dominic Lipinski / PA WIRE

This seems a bit unfair, as the Queen already has loads of stuff named after her, like the Olympic park and the Big Ben clock tower.

Stefan Wermuth / PA WIRE

Why shouldn't YOU get the chance to have a major piece of transport infrastructure named after you?

TfL / BuzzFeed

There'd be so much you could do if you got to name tube lines yourself.

TfL / BuzzFeed

Well now you can.

TfL / BuzzFeed

Just type in your name below to make your own new tube line name.