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    This Is All You Need To Make Any Website Say "Ed Balls"

    Ed Balls.

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    Tuesday 28 April marks the fourth anniversary of that time Ed Balls sent that tweet that said "Ed Balls".

    Obviously it's now become a thing.

    Tom White / PA WIRE

    Too much of a thing, possibly.

    To mark this occasion we have made this bookmarklet that will turn every word on a web page into the words "Ed Balls":

    Just drag the "Ballsomatic" button to your browser's bookmark bar, then click it while on any webpage. (This will only work on desktop, btw.)

    There was one of these last year, but we just tried it and it seems to be broken now, so we made another one.

    This is what it looks like if you use it on Ed Balls' own website.

    This is Twitter, which is basically the same as it was before.

    The BBC's election coverage.

    And here's the Tory party website.

    That is all.


    Ed Balls.

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