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21 Cool Things You Can Buy At Comic Con For $20 Or Less

Cons can definitely be expensive, but if you know where to look they don't have to be.

1. This Large Art-deco Print From modHero ($20)!gallery/cvh5 / Via modHero

This and all manner of other prints, sketches, or original art is everywhere at these conventions, and usually priced pretty well for the fantastic quality.

2. This Princess Leia Costume For Your Dog ($7)


Found at the BustedTees stand. If only I had a dog.

3. Marvel Premier Hard-Cover Comics ($7)


Found literally all over the place and they're awesome.

4. TARDIS Tea Blends (only $3.50 for a small pouch)


The Eleven Geronimo blend read: "A delicious black tea with vanilla cream custard flavor. Fish fingers not included." From Tea And Absinthe.

5. Elaborate Metal Ring Armor ($10)

For eviscerating your enemies in style. From the Cosplay Moomoo stand.

6. A Tiny Custom-made Madhatter Tophat ($25 initially, but with the $5 coupons they were giving out, only $20!)

From Tiny Top Hats. I'll take five.

7. A Marvel Avenger's Comic Tee ($15)


T-shirts tend to sit around $25, but if you hunt around the smaller booths you can find some pretty cools ones for cheaper than the massive clothing towers.

8. A Batman Switchblade ($15)


From the TV Treasure Chest stand.

9. Bloody Shirt or Labcoat Cosplay Pieces ($18)


AKA you wardrobe staple, obviously. From MaddHatter.

10. Mini Porcelain Ocarinas ($20)


From Songbird Ocarinas. You're lying if you say you don't want one.

11. Finn's Golden Sword of Battle and Jake's Sword from "Adventure Time" ($20 each)

Found at Cross Country Collectibles.

12. A Collectible HBO Discontinued "True Blood" Glass Bottle ($20)

Sold sans blood, unfortunately.

13. Anything Bacon You Could Ever Want ($5-20)

Bacon pillows, pops, socks... all $20 or less. Also, the pillow talks. Via Baconery.

14. A Harry Potter House "Snuggles for Muggles" Snuggie ($20)

She should really look happier about this. Via

15. A Sweet Brony Beanie ($20)


Mad style from SF Continuum

16. Or a TARDIS beanie if that's more your jam ($20)

Elope / / Via

Found at the "Cool Who Stuff" stand. *grabby hands*



Wallets on wallets on wallets.

18. A Mini Collectible Portal 2 Sentry Turret ($10)


Found at the Signature Imports booth and now also my office desk.

19. An Autographed "Walking Dead" Art Print (Print $7-20, Tony Moore's signature $5)

Tony Moore Illustrations

Found at Tony Moore's booth!

20. "Game of Thrones" Collectible Pop Figurines/Bobblehead ($10-12)

HBO / Via

Found basically all over the place.

21. These Mystery Bags Of... Lord Only Knows What. ($6-$20)


Maybe just collectible figurines, but probably porn. Not for the faint of heart. We might have bought one.