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    16 Items That Are On The Christmas List Of Your Nerdy Dreams

    Who DOESN'T want an Iron Throne or working Batmobile?

    1. A Life-Size Iron Throne ($30,000)

    HBO Store / Via

    Years of tears and bloodshed sold separately.

    2. Han Solo's Original Blaster (starting at $200,000)

    Hollywood Auction / Via

    Guaranteed to always shoot first, starting by blasting a major hole into your bank account.

    3. A Life Size Stormtrooper Action Figure ($3,850)

    Entertainment Earth / Via

    It's fine, I'm sure my landlord will understand if I don't pay rent for four months or so.

    4. Medieval Batman Armor ($9,500)

    CreationsChristopher Etsy Shop / Via


    5. Actual Working Batmobile ($1,600,000)


    Standing in my own puddle of jealous drool, because guess what? It's road-legal. Picking up more milk has never felt so heroic.

    6. A Real-Life Magic Mirror On The Wall ($4,665) / Via

    That's right, bitches, who's the fairest of them all??? Check your twitter, health stats, and practice your mean mugging all at the same time WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.

    7. James Bond Submarine Car ($2,500,000)

    RM Auctions / Via

    Do you need a driver's license or a submarine license? And where does one get a submarine license? ...Asking for a friend.

    8. The Aliens P-5000 Power Loader ($1,800)

    Props2Powerloaders Etsy Shop / Via

    Pick shit up, put shit down, look bad ass doing it. Although you might as well go all-out...

    9. Rideable Battle Mech ($1,300,000) / Via

    13 feet tall and 9,920 pounds and it's all functioning. YIPPI-KI-YAY MUTHALUVA.

    10. Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations Survival Kit ($24,000)


    This comes with more knives than Gordon Ramsay's kitchen and enough laser powered scopage to probably find new planets three solar systems away. Plus something called an "OPMOD Battle Mug" for... presumably drinking your salvaged post-apocalyptic brew while crushing the skulls of the undead?

    11. A Giant Rideable Stuffed Dragon ($13,499)


    Nine feet long, eight and a half feet tall. Breathes fires if you wish really, really hard. BRB getting name legally changed to Khaleesi.

    12. A Hyper-Realistic Walter White Mask ($41,400)

    Landon Meier / Ebay / Via

    BONUS: Bryan Cranstron and Aaron Paul have both worn (and made-out with) this mask.

    13. A 6' Long Remote-Control Titanic ($2,500)

    Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

    This seems like a bad idea for any number of reasons BUT YOLO.

    14. A Full-Sized TV Replica TARDIS (Approximately $6,523)

    This Planet Earth / Via

    Is it bigger on the inside? IS IT!? PS they have every Doctor's design available, so you can collect them all and then go find Gallifrey yourself.

    15. A 16' Tall Star Wars AT-ST Walker ($15,685.88)

    Hollywoods-finest-stuff / Ebay / Via

    Unfortunately non-functioning, but your enemies don't need to know that.

    16. A Hobbit Hole Playhouse ($3,760)

    Wooden Wonders / Via

    omfg bye not coming out again ever

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