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You Can Go On A Guided Tour Of London's Toilets

Includes "visits to notable public facilities" across the city.

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Stuck for something to do this February? Need a Valentine's Day idea perhaps? Why not go on a tour of London's most interesting toilets. are offering the tour via Groupon for just £6 (or £11 if you bring a friend), which will take your around some of the capital's most interesting toilets, some of which have been converted into bars.

There are two tours to choose from: from Waterloo to the West End, or one that goes around Bloomsbury.

You will be treated to "unusual and little-known facts along the way, such as the history of the plumber who founded Thomas Crapper and Co, one of London's early sanitary engineering companies. His turn-of-the-century facilities await visitors at Wesley's Chapel, near Old Street."

What kind of person starts doing guided tours of toilets?

Rachel Erickson came to London from the USA in 2011 for a master's degree in theatre. She says: "Experiencing London as a tourist on a student budget I developed an obsession with free public conveniences. It would have remained a harmless fancy had I not been interviewing to become a tour guide (at the time I thought I was going to do a Shakespeare walk.)

"And so the madness began. As I researched I found it wasn't just about places for relief. There are whole layers of history, anthropology, political intrigue and drama entwined with the evolution of the public toilet. My travels have brought be as far afield as Indonesia, where I attended to world Toilet Summit, and closer to home to Thomas Crapper and Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon and to the Loo of the Year Awards in Solihull."

The top toilets in the city, in Rachel's opinion, include The Knight's Templar pub, "the most luxurious ladies' loos in London."

Also of note are The Cellar Door, which was once a notorious gents' toilet but is now a cool cocktail bar, and The Attendant, a cafe inside a toilet.