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    Nov 7, 2014

    15 Beautiful And Fascinating Independent Magazines You Need To Read

    There is a healthy culture of small, niche printed magazines across the globe. Here are some worth seeking out.

    Despite everything that's going on in global media, there's still very much a place for printed magazines.

    Independent mags are cropping up everywhere these days, on a range of subjects, and many are reaching a decent audience, too. We asked Steven Watson, the founder of independent magazine subscription service Stack, to recommend some titles particularly worth tracking down. Here he tells us what he's chosen and why:

    1. Cereal, Bristol, England

    "The travel magazine that has turned white space into an art form, Cereal presents a beautifully minimalist vision of the places it visits. Check out its hugely popular Instagram feed to get a sense of what this big white beauty is all about."

    2. Colors, Treviso, Italy

    "Once renowned for its controversial images of war and AIDS, Benetton’s magazine has switched focus and now explores big global subjects using an ingeniously simple form of visual storytelling. Text is minimal but packed with illuminating information, making this a magazine that will literally change the way you see the world."

    3. Hello Mr., Brooklyn, USA

    "This is the magazine we sent out on Stack last month. Ostensibly a magazine 'about men who date men', the quality of its writing means it reaches far beyond its gay target audience, and again and again subscribers have told me they wouldn’t normally have picked it up but absolutely fell in love with it."

    And this month's cover star is none other than BuzzFeed's own Saeed Jones!

    4. Fat, Helsinki, Finland

    "Concocted by a gang of art provocateurs, this annual magazine views contemporary culture from the unique position of Finland’s capital. Big, weird, and born in a dark place, Fat is unlike any other art magazine."

    5. Offscreen, Melbourne, Australia

    "A print magazine about the internet, Offscreen seeks out the developers, designers, and entrepreneurs behind the sites we use every day and places them centre stage. A beautiful object you’ll want to keep long after you’ve finished reading, it’s a great example of print playing to its strengths. "

    6. Victory, New York, USA

    "A large-format magazine made in New York, Victory is a brutal and beautiful collection of sports journalism. Forget stats and post-match interviews, this is a magazine about the modern sporting experience."

    7. Delayed Gratification, London, England

    "The magazine that’s proud to be 'last to breaking news', Delayed Gratification looks back over the events of the last three months and returns to stories after the media circus has moved on. Funny and informative in equal measure, it’s a fantastic example of print providing a way to slow down."

    8. Holo, Toronto, Canada

    "One of the year’s most impressive new launches, Holo is a magazine about the meeting place between technology, art and design. As a new breed of artists reach for algorithms and servomotors to create their work, Holo will be there to document the results. Issue 1 also has an amazingly cool cover concept, as explained in this video review."

    9. Wrap, Oxford, England.

    Holly Booth /

    "Part-magazine, part-wrapping paper, Wrap commissions the best illustrators to create lovely thick sheets of gift wrap, then talks to them about their work. An ingenious idea, and a great way to make sure your presents always look way cooler than they really are."

    10. The Outpost, Beirut, Lebanon

    "Based in Beirut, The Outpost aims to be "a magazine of possibilities" for the Middle East and North Africa. During a time of enormous upheaval in the region, they somehow avoid censorship to present an uncompromising but optimistic account of life in the Arab world."

    11. Frieze Masters, London, England

    "Sister title to the better-known Frieze, this magazine was inspired by London's Frieze Masters art fair but is rapidly growing into a brand all of its own. World-leading experts provide the context, viewing historical art through a contemporary lens."

    12. Printed Pages, London, England

    "The print magazine made by the It’s Nice That empire, Printed Pages presents a quarterly digest of the very best from the worlds of art and design."

    13. Berlin Quarterly, Berlin, Germany

    "Another new launch, Berlin Quarterly uses longform narrative journalism to paint an intimate picture of modern Europe. In the new issue that means war in Ukraine, winter in Norway, and Turkish wrestling in Germany."

    14. Weapons of Reason, London, England

    "A magazine so new it doesn't even exist yet! Weapons of Reason comes out this month, launched as 'a magazine to save the world'. The first issue is dedicated to the Arctic, going deep into the realities of what’s happening there and what that means for the rest of us."

    Find out more about Stack here.

    Many of the magazines featured here, and lots more besides, will feature at Printout – Magazines of the Year at the Book Club in Shoreditch, London, on 25 November.

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