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23 Vines That Will Make You Laugh Until Milk Comes Out Of Your Nose

Six seconds, unlimited fun.

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1. This great work of literature.

2. This X Factor contestant.

3. This dog being surprised by a tuba.

4. This epic dive.

5. This kid flying around in a circle.

6. Drake's face after being snogged by Madonna.

7. This majestic dog who didn't QUITE make it.

8. This recreation of all bars everywhere, as performed by small children.

9. This mesmeric thing.

10. A lads' night out, expectation vs. reality.

11. This beatboxing baby.

12. That time Ralph pretended to be a squirrel.

13. When this guy wasn't the best at guessing the Pokémon.

14. This inspirational Shia Lebeouf / The Office mash-up.

15. This man trying to stop a herd of runaway beach umbrellas.

16. When TMZ asked Kanye if he's venturing into the fashion industry.

17. This chubby baby driving a golf cart.

18. This mum being surprised by a car horn.

19. When a turtle guested on a Coldplay song.

20. This freestyle dance teacher.

21. Vaporub, expectations vs. reality,

22. This kid trying really hard to sound impressed about getting an avocado for his birthday.

23. This cat being surprised by a cucumber.