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    Weeping Pilot Tells Passengers "We Will Crash In Six Minutes"

    The pilot of the Europe Airpost flight said to prepare for a crash landing, according to a passenger.

    An airline pilot started crying and told his passengers to prepare for a water landing on a flight from Split, Croatia, to Nantes, France.

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    Note: This is a stock image of a model pretending to be a crying pilot, not a real one.

    An announcement was made shortly after takeoff on 23 August that the flight was experiencing some turbulence.

    But the situation became more serious when an engine stopped working, and the crew had to consider an emergency landing.

    The pilot of the Boeing 737 then joked with passengers that although there would be an emergency landing, at least they would have the chance to visit Venice.

    He said we would have to make a crash landing at sea and warned us there could be an explosion.Everyone was terrified, even the cabin crew. One steward was in a state of total panic and another just went pale and silent.When the pilot next came on he was crying. He said we had six minutes before we would crash, but that we should not panic. People were screaming out at the back of the plane.
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    (The flight) had an engine failure, identified by the crew, who decided to land in Venice and informed passengers. This is a procedure known and controlled by the crew, who landed the plane safely at the airport in Venice. Contrary to what have been reported, there is no panic aboard the aircraft. Similarly, there has been no outbreak of fire and firefighters from the airport of Venice did not have to intervene. At no time was flight safety questioned.

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