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    Vine Is Creating A New Breed Of Internet Superstar

    It turns out you can become famous six seconds at a time.

    This kerfuffle at the Smáralind shopping centre near Reykjavík, Iceland, last weekend isn't because One Direction are in town. It's because of two stars from Vine, the six-second video-blogging site.

    There was quite a turnout - far more than the duo were apparently expecting.

    Sorry about the chaos guys hopefully everyone is okay, never expected so many people to be there



    Sorry about the chaos guys hopefully everyone is okay, never expected so many people to be there

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    This is Jarre in action. His Vines mostly involve him singing, making loud noises on public transport and/or surprising people with declarations of love, but they commonly get more than 50,000 likes and shares, or re-vines.

    Bizarrely, Jarre just appeared in a Vine promoting an MTV show.

    Somehow, Jarre has even managed to Vine from zero gravity.

    And from the set of Catfish. During a recording.

    This is the more wholesome Grier doing his thing.

    And here is Jarre and Grier together.

    Vine is attracting the bored, mobile-obsessed teenagers and young people that made YouTube a phenomenon less than a decade ago.

    And while YouTube was, back then, a platform for people to view on PCs, Vine is by its very nature mobile-first, with web-profiles only going live this year (Instagram did the same last year).

    There is a lot of collaboration and sharing among Viners, sometimes between three or more of them.

    Nicholas Megalis turned this vine into a single, which reached the top 10 in Canada, Denmark, Ireland and number 1 in Sweden on iTunes.

    20-year-old Jessi Smiles, aka Jessica Vazquez, whose relationship with fellow Viner Curtis LaPore is the stuff of Vine legend.

    In this interview she admits that both she and Lepore have "management".

    She has very good comic timing.

    Several thousand people turned up to witness them meeting (and having a snog) in real life.

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    Lapore does some very sophisticated editing and cutting, raising the question of exactly how he does it with a smartphone. He's often very funny.

    Although his dog, Buster Beans, often steals the show.

    At the moment, Vine is dominated by Americans - but that could change if and when the UK gets its act together. And helpfully, there's a UK Vine meetup in Trafalgar Square in London on 1 February.

    Then maybe we will be able to cause public disturbances at Icelandic shopping centres too.