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    US Military Ready To Test Real Life Iron Man Battle Suits This Summer

    Research has been under way on the Tactical Light Operator Suit for years and they will become a reality in June.

    The Iron Man comics and films aren't that far-fetched: the US military has been researching an advanced battle armour suit for years and a prototype is now expected to be ready for testing this summer.

    The idea for the suit reportedly arose when a young special operations soldier was shot and killed after entering a building.

    This video shows how they might look. OK, it's not quite like in the films, but it could be quite useful.

    Bullets will - in theory - ping off the suit harmlessly just like Iron Man.

    The official document announcing the scheme last year asked technologists to come with gadgets and features for the suit, all of which sound like they're straight from Tony Stark's workshop.

    One thing that seems out of reach of even America's finest military minds is how to make the things fly, however.