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    The Chuckle Brothers Just Starred In The World's Strangest Rap Video

    While this sounds like it's made up, it actually did just happen. And yes, they do say "to me, to you" a lot.

    In September, much-loved children's entertainers the Chuckle Brothers were pictured with rapper and UK grime scene king Tinchy Stryder.

    They were in the studio with Tinchy and said they were collaborating on something. People wondered if they were joking.

    IT TURNS OUT THEY WERE SERIOUS: Behold a rap video featuring the Chuckle Brothers, aka Paul and Barry Elliott:

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    This is not a drill. It is not a glitch in the matrix. It is a real thing that actually happened.

    It starts with Tinchy performing in a street in a housing estate somewhere, when guess who turns up: / Via

    The "plot" of the video is that Tinchy needs the Chuckles to fix a leak, so they need to go and get some ladders. The storyline is quickly forgotten, but at least there are terrible jokes: / Via

    The Chuckles waste no time at all in getting to their catchphrases. / Via

    And of course... / Via
    Tinchy: Nah, that's a step too far – in fact you can rap, take the next two bars.Paul: Hippity hop.Barry: A bip boopy doop doop boop.Tinchy: Oooo man.Paul: Oh dear.Barry: Oh dear, oh dear (continues).

    The video raises such important questions as:


    Then there's a section where everyone plays ping pong in a darkened room while mumbling over each other. It very much sounds like they walked into the recording studio by accident.

    The video ends with Barry and Paul doing some hip-hop dancing while wearing baseball caps.

    Which isn't something you thought you'd see today.

    Things may never be the same after this.

    The people behind the video, SBTV, point out that not only is "To Me, To You (Bruv)" out now as a single, all proceeds go to the ACLT bone marrow and blood donation charity.

    You can download it on iTunes here.