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    17 Times Shopping Home Deliveries Went Horribly Wrong

    "We couldn't find that walnut loaf you asked for. Here's an octopus instead."

    1. When Tesco sent someone a whole octopus instead of a walnut loaf.

    2. When Asda sent someone FIVE tins of pilchards instead of sugar-free sweets.

    3. When Tesco sent someone some yoghurts with a free snail.

    4. This terrible, terrible biscuit/cake tragedy.

    onixxino / iStock / Via Twitter: @charl_shearer

    5. That time at the height of the horse-meat scandal when a Tesco delivery van hit a horse (which was later put down).

    6. When this happened.

    7. When this unimaginable real ale crime was visited upon an innocent home shopper.

    ClaudioVentrella / iStock / Via Twitter: @the_junes

    8. When Tesco suggested Awake tea instead of Sleep tea.

    9. When this person got blackberries instead of potatoes.

    10. When Ocado told everyone to book in their Christmas delivery slot in SEPTEMBER.

    Flickr: tentenuk / Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @GladysGlover_

    11. When this women got toothbrushes instead of tampons.

    Alexey Bykov / iStock / Via Twitter: @NatalieeeRose

    12. When someone got aubergines instead of limes.

    13. When Tesco sent someone a bottle of whisky with the security tag still on it.

    14. When this delivery man was a little bit too honest.

    diogoppr / iStock

    15. When this person was sent a chow chow instead of coriander.

    16. When this delivery driver didn't have the bird feed but did have some wise words.

    sindlera / iStock / Via Twitter: @respros

    17. When Sainsbury's let its driver recruitment standards slip dramatically.

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