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    This Teenage Girl Played 'World Of Warcraft' Non-Stop For 30 Hours

    Kinumi Cati hopes to become the proud holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest time anyone has spent playing the MMORPG.

    This is Kinumi Cati, AKA Hecaterina Kinumi, a Spanish gamer who claims she's just spent 30 hours and 31 minutes playing World of Warcraft, beating the previous world record of 24 hours.

    Twitter: @KinumiCati

    She also claims to have beaten several other gaming word records in recent months - including the highest score at a version of Angry Birds and the longest time playing Final Fantasy X.

    You can, if you were so minded, watch her recordings of her playing games f-o-r-e-v-e-r on her YouTube channel.

    She's not the record holder yet, however. A spokesman for the Guinness Book of World Records told BuzzFeed:

    "I can confirm that Hecaterina Kinumi (Kinumi Cati) has been in contact with Guinness World Records expressing her interest in setting a new record for the Longest videogame marathon on an MMORPG. Reports indicate that she has set a time of 30 hours 31 minutes, which would beat the 24hour minimum and set a new Guinness World Records title. We now await the evidence from Hecaterina so that we can recognise the claim."

    She's from Galicia, Spain, but is steeped in Japanese culture and she sure plays a lot of games.

    She sometimes described as being Japanese, but she says she hasn't been there yet. She usually dresses in her "lolita" outfit, from Japanese fashion subculture of the same name that borrows from Victorian-style dress.

    For some, playing World of Warcraft for any length of time would be considered an achievement - the vast, online world can be a bit bewildering.

    But she takes it to another level. Kinumi told Pixelgamer last year:

    "During my last record I couldn't eat or drink while playing, couldn't take my eyes off the screen nor drop the control, etc. Guinness World Records tells you that you've got to have a steward, which in my previous record was the guy who had to fed me, put eyedrops on my eyes while playing…all that stuff (LOL)

    "So the steward's work is almost as important and it affects the whole record. I was happy that my previous steward was really caring, but this time I don't know how my new steward is going to be…so my goal is going to be playing more than 48 hours this time and I hope the server won't go down!"

    Back in 2010, six Dutch gamers played one game continuously for more than two days.

    And Indian gamer Chirantan Patnik once spent 40 hours and 20 minutes playing non-stop. So there's a lot of competition in the endurance games world.

    Kinumi has been in touch to say that Guinness has now certified her World of Warcraft record, so she can now say she's spent more time playing a MMORPG than anyone else.

    Oops: We originally said Kinumi played Angry Birds the longest, but she played the online Poached Eggs version of the game to get the highest score. She did very well, scoring 36,000, placing her 9th overall and 1st in the female category (this has been certified).

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