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    This Student Just Got The Quadratic Equation Tattooed On His Arse Because He Failed An Exam

    If at first you don't succeed, get a tattoo on your bum. Via The Tab.

    Rory Kirkman, 19, a student at the University of Western England, tweeted earlier this month that if didn't get a B grade in his maths AS-level re-sit then he'd get a mathematical formula tattooed on his rear end.

    Well, the results are out and guess what happened?

    He used the self-imposed threat of a permanent mathematical bum marking as a motivational tool, but his friends were quick to remind him of the promise when the results came in.

    At the student union some people recognise me and run up pointing and screaming for me to show them my arse. It's mostly inebriated girls looking for something to lean on.It's not even mildly awkward, I show it to them and everyone loves it! I've even got a few phone numbers because of it.

    When he let his friends know he'd gone through with the bet, one responded: "When your parents find out, your life is over."