This Ridiculously Narrow House Will Cost You At Least £235,000

You could just about fit your furniture in there. If you’re a smurf.

1. What does £235,000 get you in the north London property market? A house measuring 7 feet across.

The two-bed house on Glenwood Road is available to buy on a freehold contract and is just half a mile from both Turnpike Lane and Harringay stations, making it ideal for commuters.

The only trouble is, you’ve got about 84 inches of width to live in. Here’s a handy guide to the things that will (just about) fit horizontally in this house.

2. This Olympic weightlifting barbell.

3. This pool table.

4. This inflatable zebra.

5. Don’t get your hopes up if you think you can afford this, however: £235,000 is the guide price for when it’s sold at auction on 1 October.

So, with the London housing bubble being what it is, you can expect it to go for a few quid more than that.

Best of luck, everyone.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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