This Is How Londoners Carried On Regardless Despite The Westminster Terror Attack

    Pundits: "London has been shut down." Londoners: "Nope."

    In the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack on Wednesday, in which at least four people died, some conservative-leaning commentators in the UK and US said that London was "cowed" and "divided".

    .@KTHopkins on UK terror: "People are cowed. People are afraid. And people are not united." #Tucker

    One Fox News commentator implied the city had been "shut down".

    Will be on Tucker on Fox News at 9 AM EST to discuss the terror act in London. "One man can shut down a city.."

    But London did not shut down. Victoria station was busy and full of people rushing around on Thursday morning.

    Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP / Getty Images

    Lords and MPs such as Tory MP Dominic Grieve, pictured here dodging some police tape, carried on regardless on Thursday.

    Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

    London's army of commuters didn't know quite what the reports of a "shutdown" were all about.

    .@WalidPhares currently enduring a commute through a shutdown #London - it's Hellishly humdrum.

    But for Londoners it was business as usual.

    @FoxNews @KTHopkins utter rubbish. I've worked in London for over 20 years. My commute this morning was no different. We carry on.

    This is horseshit. Theatres, pubs, restaurants all open last night. Parliament open this morning. Millions going to…

    This image was tweeted at 5:52pm on Wednesday and implied that in the aftermath of the attacks, Londoners were silent with fear.

    soz but this is how every tube journey ever looks. stop sensationalising

    As this person put it, commuters on the tube – not known for their chatty demeanour – are like this every single day.

    Bless, someone's just been on the tube for the first time ever.

    One of the people in the image contacted BuzzFeed News after noticing that it had gone viral. She asked not to be named, but said: "I was just texting my colleagues, about something tedious I’m afraid – that is just my natural scaredy bitch face."

    Some pointed out that snowfall – or a royal wedding – would be more effective in shutting down the city.

    This is London. As long as it's not lightly snowing, the city isn't coming to a standstill.

    There were even reports that the city was more friendly on Thursday.

    Fellow Londoners are being particularly smiley and friendly this morning. #ProudLondoner #WeAreNotAfraid

    Some people were busy with their snacks.

    reporter hyperventilating on phone: AND WE DON'T KNOW NOW WHETHER EVERYONE IS STILL IN DANGER BUT *londoner walking by eating sack of chips*

    This guy who took his daughter to Westminster yesterday said he they would be happy to come back.

    What a fun day out it was with my little princess "listening to the Big Ben chime" and we'll be back…

    This was a good insight into Londoners' psychology.

    REPORTER, WALKING UP REGENT ST: one can only imagine what Londoners are thinking now LONDONERS: why is this prick walking SO SLOWLY

    Satirical news site the Daily Mash pretty much nailed it.

    Daily Mash / Via

    Instead of cowering in fear, Londoners took to social media to post messages saying "We are not afraid", #WeStandTogether, and #LondonIsOpen.

    You will not break us, only bring us closer together. #LondonIsOpen #LondonStrong #WeAreNotAfraid #Westminster

    Love. Always. #London #LondonAttack #WeAreNotAfraid #Westminster

    And as is now traditional, London's tube stations added some supportive messages to their whiteboards that have been widely shared online.

    💔 Hard to write today. #Westminster #RIP #LondonIsOpen #LAS #LFB #metpolice #BTP #StaySafe

    Love this sentiment at @Claphamnth tube station this morning.

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