This 360-Degree Video Made With 6 Cameras Will Melt Your Mind

    Viewed like this, the world is just a weird tiny sphere.

    Not satisfied with using one GoPro camera - those things that people film bears and pretend to be Superman with - German photographer Jonas Ginter used SIX, to get this effect:

    Using the fisheye lense setting, he manages to get a 360-degree panorama, which is both impressive AND unsettling.

    So strange.

    ... I've tried a lot of funny things in the last few years: I've screwed my cameras on a turntable and spent nights trying to put thousands of pictures together. It has not worked. I have had strange designs with mirrors and was frustrated to find that it was absolute nonsense. Piece by piece came the realization that I can make 360-degree videos only when I capture the image in one take. So the logical conclusion was: Many cameras.
    Luckily the GoPro cameras' ​​fisheye lens covers a decent viewing angle. So you only need six cameras to record horizontally 360° and vertically 180°. The closer the lenses are to each other and the more overlap, the better the result. I have unsuccessfully experimented with rubber bands, cable ties, wood and polystyrene. Only with the construction of a support which has been printed in the 3D printer, everything worked satisfactorily.

    So this image was taken with six cameras all facing slightly different directions.

    Watch the full thing here.