The 29 Most Yorkshire Things That Have Ever Happened

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

1. This van’s registration number.

2. This “lost pet” sign.

3. This description of Wakefield train station, on Foursquare.

4. This critique of Eccles cakes.

5. Whoever decided to give out gravy at Leeds Station.

6. And whoever thought a massive pork pie would be better than a birthday cake.

My birthday cake is a large pork pie. #OnlyInYorkshire

— Matthew Pitt (@YorkyPuds)

7. These plain crisps.

Crisps that say 'nowt on' rather than 'plain' #onlyinyorkshire

— Sophie Smith (@sphiesmith)

8. “Twerk”.

Happy Friday! #Yorkshire

— yorkshire probs (@yorkshireprobs)

9. This breaking news story in Whitby.

The #Whitby gazette has surpassed itself #Yorkshire

— Peter Diapre (@skybod)

10. This charming sign.

@EducatingYork Doing a brilliant job pal !! #onlyinyorkshire

— Liam Thompson (@L_Thompson15)

11. This newspaper small ad.



It says: “PARROT Cage – 6ft cage. Great for large parrots. Bought last year for £150 but it were too big for a small parrot. £80 ONO.”

12. This reaction to being run over by a car.

Guy gets run over, gets up n chases after the car #OnlyInDewsbury

— Amazon Girls/Lizzie (@AmazonGirls)

13. This illegally parked horse.

Tsk. Parked on double yellows. #onlyinyorkshire

— Stefan Roberts (@stefanroberts)

14. This scandal in Sheffield.

15. These sheep chilling on a roof.

You know you're nearly home when the sheep line the rooftops to welcome you #localhero #onlyinyorkshire

— Henry Perham (@Henryperham)

16. Harrogate’s straightest banana.

Missing Plane....✈ Russia.... Pistorius..... ....that ain't news...this is! #Yorkshire

— Yorkshire Slang (@YorkshireSlang)

17. This instruction to a takeaway driver in Leeds.

18. This full English breakfast served IN A YORKSHIRE PUDDING.

@hirstydose - WOW #onlyinyorkshire @Should come onYorkshireSlang @yorkshireprobs #yorkshirepud ”

— Steph Walton (@swalton86)

19. This woman taking her ferret for a walk.

20. This computer program menu written in Yorkshire.

This is what a #Yorkshire computer menu looks like (via @yorkshireprobs )

— Colin Shelbourn (@colinshelbourn)

21. This woman taking her dog for a walk in North Yorkshire.

22. Three-year-old Millen Eve, the most Yorkshire little girl ever.

“What does daddy like?”
“Oooh he likes onions.”

24. The name that primary school children in Hull choose for this emu.

True story: pic from my mum 2day.Local primary school sponser an Emu and they got to name it..classic #onlyinhull

— Sarah Land (@hullbird)

Correction: The emu was actually in Tasmania, Australia, not Hull.

25. This club DJ shoutout.

"A shout out to Leah who just bought new garden furniture." - i kid you not, a DJ genuinely said this last night. #OnlyinHuddersfield

— Kate (@_theotherkate)

26. When this happened in Wakefield.

Can't believe I've just seen a girl tossing a lad off at the bar #onlyinwakefield

— Tylur (@Tylurrannmaii)

27. When a postman from Bradford dressed up as Batman to hand in a criminal.


28. These lads casually getting their McDonalds in Keighley.

29. And this meeting of minds.

Will you ever see a photo better than this? Geoff Boycott with his favourite pop star @katyperry! #TestMatchSpecial

— Adam Mountford (@tmsproducer)

Bless you Yorkshire.


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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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