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    The 17 Most Furious People In Local Newspapers

    These people just can't take it any more. Most of these via the excellent Angry People in Local Newspapers blog.

    1. This woman from Reading is angry that a pervert in her garden has put her off men – and sausages – for life.

    2. This Welsh man is angry because the sign says "cyclists dismount" in English and "bladder disease has returned" in Welsh.

    3. This man in Catford is angry because a fox attacked him while he was doing a poo.

    4. These Australian people are angry because someone stole some Christmas lights.

    5. This Romford man is angry because a squirrel started a fire in his house – while he was driving to a funeral.

    6. This girl from Calderdale is angry because she found an "eyeball" in a pot noodle which was definitely not a tomato stalk.

    That's the eyeball, on the left, and another on the right, just for comparison.


    7. These Brighton men are angy because they were banned from an "all you can eat" buffet for eating too much. / Via

    "They’ve only got small bowls and you can’t get enough in there so we always go back for more. It’s an all-you-can-eat place so we love it," George Dalman, 26, told the Argus.

    8. This mum from Toowoomba, Queensland, is angry because someone drew a cock on her burger box.

    9. These people are angry because someone keeps leaving bags of poo in Hoo.

    10. This man is angry about streetlights.

    11. This drink-driving woman from Manchester is angry because Ray, a mystery Bulgarian, spiked her drink. / Via

    "Barbara McClean, 52, was arrested after her Nissan Note was found perched on top of a garden fence in Clayton, east Manchester. A blood test showed she had 134 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of blood compared to the legal limit of 80," the MEN reported.

    Strangely the judge didn't accept her version of events.

    12. This mum from Gorelston near Great Yarmouth is OUTRAGED because JLS appeared on condoms.

    13. This family from Exmouth are INCENSED because of "sexy chit-chat" from workers at a nearby Tesco.

    14. This councillor is LIVID after workmen built a fence through some goalposts.

    15. This woman in Catford is ANGRY about her "horrific crow attack".

    16. This women in Herne Bay is angry that seagull attacks have forced her to wear a colander on her head.

    17. This woman in North London is UNCONTROLLABLY ANGRY after Tesco stopped selling organic porridge oats.

    Much more like this at

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