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    The Internet's Most Popular Passwords Are All Really Terrible

    Can we all agree that "123456" is never a good idea?

    Password security firm Splashdata has released its list of the most common passwords on the internet. They don't say very much for the human race's collective intelligence.

    10. The list is influenced by the huge amount of data that was posted online during Adobe's security breach last year.

    9. Aww, how sweet. How sweet that your entire online history and credit card details are in the hands of criminals.

    8. Most passwords require that you "include at least one number", not "the most obvious combination of numbers possible".

    7. This is getting clever now - use one number repeatedly to thwart spambots and hackers.

    6. This isn't any less dumb because it goes on for two extra digits.

    5. It may be from your favourite Jackson 5 song, but that's no excuse.

    4. Just because it's spelled out in front of you doesn't make it a clever choice.

    3. Sure, put 7 and 8 at the end, they'll never suspect that.

    2. At two, and down one place, it's everyone's favourite stupid password.

    1. Up one place, it's the most popular stupid password in the world.