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    15 Alternative Crossguard Lightsabers From The New "Star Wars" Film

    It's the lightsaber that launched a thousand memes. H/T to this Reddit thread.

    By now you've seen the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and this mysterious cloaked figure's lightsaber with its fancy crossguard.

    This is a handy guide to how the new lightsaber works.

    1. This Swiss army knife version.

    2. There was a Star of David version.

    3. And a menorah to match.

    4. What looks like a TV aerial.

    5. A tennis racket.

    6. This balloon dog variety.

    7. This multi-multi-crossguard version.

    8. One took it way too far.

    9. This spinning, whirly version.

    10. This one makes its creator's feelings on the matter very clear

    11. This festive version.

    12. And this penis.

    13. People are even making them out of balloons.

    14. This person imagined what it would be like if IKEA offered three-way lightsaber extensions.

    15. Artist Jollyjack summed up his thoughts.

    Sums up how I feel about the stupidity of the new lightsaber for new @starwars #StarWarsEpisodeVII Art by jollyjack

    And just a thought on why the crossguard might be a good idea, based on previous lightsaber injuries.

    Only another 12 months of this kind of thing before the film actually comes out.