Babies Facial Expressions Ranked From Worst To Best

When they’re happy, they’re cute. When they’re mad, they’re cute too, just louder.

16. The one where he’s been crying for so long he’s gone purple.

Flickr: reneeanddolan / Creative Commons / dolanh

15. The one where he’s been crying so hard he’s hyper-ventiliating.

Nedadpress / thinkstock

14. “THANKS A LOT for putting me in this adorable outfit.”

Flickr: katypearce / Creative Commons / Katy Pearce

13. “I am about to start crying, like really crying, very shortly.”

Flickr: 40648781@N06 / Creative Commons / Amy E. Warren

12. “I’m really upset, but I’m not entirely sure why.”

Flickr: upsand / Creatice Commons / Upsilon Andromedae

11. “Whatever it is, I don’t like it very much.”

Flickr: yoshimov / Creative Commons / Yoshihide Nomura

10. “I’m not angry with you, I’m just disappointed. And I might need a poo.”

Flickr: 1uk3 / Creative Commons / Luke Addison

9. “I’m waiting for you to somehow entertain me and I haven’t got all day”.

Babies get bored. Just another of the important things that aren’t written in the instruction manual that they don’t come with.

8. “Sup”.

Flickr: virginia_lin_photography / Creative Commons / Virginia Lin Photography

7. “You want to put THAT in my mouth?”

Flickr: pip / Creative Commons / Pip


Flickr: sk8mama / Creative Commons / Sk8mama

5. The one where, weeks after being alive, he’s still very surprised to be here.

Flickr: braz / Creative Commons / Braz Brandt

4. The post-feed drunk face.

Flickr: ch / Creative Commons / Conradh

3. “I LOVE my cute outfit.”

Flickr: djfrank / Creative Commons / Dennis Frank

2. “Your jokes are hilarious, please tell another one”.

Flickr: kellysue / Creative Commons / Kelly Sue DeConnick

1. The happy, smiling and full of the joys of life face.

Flickr: 58386103@N00 / Creative Commons / Lelie Grimmett

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