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The Bananaman Movie You've All Been Waiting For Is Coming Out Next Year

"Eric IS Bananaman"

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Update: 4.41pm - Bananaman publisher DC Thompson has been in touch to say this will be a live action film.

In which case, we will now have the answer to a question which maybe no one had contemplated until now: what would a real-life Bananaman look like?

We can only hope that the film explores Bananaman's gritty origin story much in the same way Christopher Nolan rebooted the Batman series, but this seems unlikely.

This is not a drill. A teaser site went live earlier today at, complete with mysterious hashtag.

The film is being made by Elstree Studio Productions.

A spokesman told me today there is no official announcement on cast or release date yet, but he says there is a script, which is "fantastic", and the film is definitely happening. The plan is to bring the Bananaman story up to date and the company says it's already been overwhelmed by the response to the teaser site.

DC Thompson - publisher of the Beano comic where Bananaman first appeared - is co-producing.