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There Is A Spooky Connection Between "Jurassic Park" And "Super Mario Bros"

There is definitely something going on here.

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Everyone likes the Jurassic Park films. And everyone likes the Super Mario Bros games. But did you ever realise they were SPOOKILY CONNECTED?

This suggests that the next movie will be Jurassic Galaxy, and people have already been imagining how amazing it might be.

(Well, that's actually a print by artist Tim Doyle from January, but you get the idea).



Super Mario Bros 2, as everyone knows, wasn't a proper Mario game at all. It was a rebadged version of a game called Doki Doki Panic, released in the US because Nintendo of America decided not to release the original sequel – which would become known as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. SO THE THEORY HOLDS. Sort of.

Anyway, once you dig into it, you realise that the truth has been staring you in the face all along.

Both series are about an epic struggle between man and giant lizard. And they even have the same characters.


We're not quite sure where Yoshi fits into this, but we're working on it. He's definitely a dinosaur, though, because duh.