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    13 Beautiful And Haunting Works Of Street Art

    The Google Art Project has collected more than 10,000 images since it launched last summer, including many works of street art – some of which have now been painted over. Here are some of the coolest images in the collection.

    1. Mural by Danielle Mastrion, New York City.

    2. Mural by Faith47, 1130 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles

    3. Mural by Steep, New York City.

    4. "Personal Melody", by the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program/HOW and NOSM, at 13th and Drury Streets, Philadelphia.

    5. Wall by Rone and Aaron de la Cruz, Hawaii.

    6. Wall by Mad Steez and INSA, Hawaii.

    7. Ten original segments of the Berlin Wall, at 5900 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.

    8. "Tunnel Head" by Skeezr, Austin's Hope Outdoor Gallery.

    9. Mural by Dasic Fernandez, New York City.

    10. Mural by Christina Angelina, EaseOne, Stephen V. Williams, 1317 S. Hope Street & Pico, Los Angeles.

    11. “Avery”, by Jarus, Fedder Industrial Complex Rochester, New York

    12. "Way Down South in Dixie" by Smug.

    13. Mural by Anton Vill, 95 Horatio Street, New York City.

    Find out more about the Google Art Project here.

    An earlier version of this post said the artwork "Personal Melody" was by artists in Pasadena, but the artists were HOW and NOSM and it was made as part of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Programme.