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16 Strange Things That Have Already Happened In Local Newspapers This Year

It's only January.

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2. Doris Deahardie marked her 100th birthday in style.

The Retford Times reports: "Doris got so involved in the routine that she ended up with whipped cream on her face while LMFAO's 'Sexy And You Know It' played in the packed venue."

"She even took along a bottle of baby oil which was given to her as a present by her hairdresser."


13. It could be worse - you could wake up and start speaking in a Scottish accent.

Canadian Sharon Campbell-Rayment was knocked unconscious in a riding accident in Ontario in 2008. She lost some speech, but when her voice did come back, she spoke with a Scottish accent, which links to her Scottish heritage.

As The Scotsman reports: "Words such as 'wee', 'grand', 'awright' and 'brilliant' peppered Sharon’s vocabulary as she spoke with a Scots accent"

Five years on she still has the accent. "I could have ended up with any accent - French, Spanish, even Klingon - but I got Scottish. It was definitely a sign."

14. really likes Nandos.

A chicken restaurant insider tells the MEN: "Staff were happy to send him his chicken, but three times in one day for the same person is a little more than Nando's customers usually ask for."